Monday, May 11, 2009

Eksesais hehehe

Dear Blog,

I already start to do my exercise using my treadmill yang dah tersadai sekian lama hehehe...I try to do some exercise at least 3 times in a week..more is better..

This is me...I'm sweating!!!yeay...see my pipi macam nak meletup dah!

Only 20 minutes...ok la kan..better than i'm doing nothing...tapi aku tak reti nak baca the numbers la..yang 20.41 tu is the means i already on the treadmill for that much time..Then 01.06 and 08.07 tu i'm not sure....
Time/Pulse ~ 20.41
Distance/Speed ~ 01.06
Cal/Prog/Step ~ 08.07
Nombor2 ni akan berubah2...then bila I stop exercise, that is the number as states above...nak tanya orang...tak tau nak tanya saper...kot saper2 terbaca blog ala2 rahsia aku ni yang leh explain..really appreciate :)
ok to myself...GIATKAN USAHA ANDA! Hehehe...